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Patients always ask me what the best way to treat diabetes is.

Diabetes is the largest cost to Medicare and affects vision, nerves, circulation, heart disease/heart failure, kidney disease/failure and of course our quality/quantity of life.

My Father, Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law are all affected by diabetes and its complications.  I wish their doctors and insurance companies had promoted better lifestyle and prevention practices much earlier.

When I lecture to medical providers nationally I’ll sometimes ask:

What is the BEST way to treat diabetes and they’ll give multiple answers about medications and interventions.  

And then I share my answer: the best way to treat diabetes is to PREVENT it.   

Then I will ask OK then what is the Best Way to Treat Diabetes again the answers from them are medications and medical interventions): 

My next answer? The next best thing is to SCREEN for it and IDENTIFY IT EARLY.   

And the Next best thing? REACH target GLUCOSE levels within 3 months Quickly and Safely.

1.  Prevent it before we have pancreatic failure

2.  Identify it early before there is major damage

3.  Reach glucose goals quickly and safely

For every 1 lb. people lose they prevent diabetes by 4%, thus 10-12 pound weight loss lowers their risk 50%. In addition, most people are prediabetic for 10-30 years before they develop overt diabetes.  We have A LOT of time to identify and make healthy interventions.

We can also do insulin resistance lab testing at the office for those people worried about prediabetes.  If you have a concern, bring it up in your next appointment.

In health and happiness,

Dr. Cobble

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