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SculpSure Body Contouring Specialist

Michael E. Cobble, MD -  - Family Practice

Canyons Medical Center

Michael E. Cobble, MD

Family Practice located in Sandy, UT

If you’ve successfully lost weight yet can’t shift the last few pounds, it’s frustrating to continue to see the bulges and fat pockets. WarmSculpting ™ with SculpSure® at Canyons Medical Center in Sandy, Utah, could solve your problems for you. Michael E. Cobble, MD, and his team provide outstanding primary care services as well as state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments. To find out more about WarmSculpting treatments, call Canyons Medical Center today to arrange a consultation, or book an appointment online.

SculpSure Body Contouring Q & A


What is WarmSculpting with SculpSure?

WarmSculpting with SculpSure is a body-contouring aesthetic treatment that helps give you a more defined figure without undergoing invasive cosmetic surgery. 

It’s not a replacement for diet and exercise when you need to lose weight; rather WarmSculpting treatment complements your efforts to achieve a healthy weight.

SculpSure technology uses laser energy to reduce areas of body fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Being left with fat pads and rolls in certain places is a common problem that many people struggle with and typically affects the:

  • Belly (abdomen)
  • Hips (love handles)
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin

The laser energy SculpSure uses targets the fat cells within these areas and heats (in contrast to freezing) them to a set temperature. When the fat cells reach this temperature, they die while surrounding nonfat cells are unharmed.

In the weeks following your WarmSculpting treatment, your body breaks down the dead fat cells and disposes of them naturally. Your body can’t generate new fat cells, so once they die, they’re gone for good. 

However, you do need to maintain a healthy lifestyle following WarmSculpting treatment, as the remaining fat cells are still capable of expanding if you consume too many calories.

What are the advantages of WarmSculpting with SculpSure?

Traditionally, fat removal would have to be done surgically, using invasive techniques like liposuction. 

Surgical procedures carry certain risks and involve painful tissue trauma, whereas WarmSculpting treatments are entirely noninvasive. Consequently, WarmSculpting treatment has significant advantages over surgery, for example:

  • No stitches or scars
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Virtually painless
  • No need for anesthetics
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • No prolonged recovery period

SculpSure features a heat-dispersion system that enables the team to achieve a natural contouring effect and targets small fat deposits with precision. 

Cooling technology activates during your treatment to prevent your skin from overheating, so you should feel little or no discomfort.

Each WarmSculpting treatment typically takes around 25 minutes, with no special preparation needed beforehand, and no downtime after treatment.

Will I see the results of my WarmSculpting treatment straight away?

The effects of your WarmSculpting treatment take a few months to fully develop as your body needs time to break down and flush out the dead fat cells, so you won’t see instant results. You should see a significant difference after six weeks and the final results after another six weeks.

If you’ve been working hard to reduce your weight or you lead a healthy lifestyle and still have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away, WarmSculpting with SculpSure is the ideal solution. Call Canyons Medical Center today to arrange your WarmSculpting session, or book an appointment online.

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